January 17, 2008

A Bubble

Looking deep into that tiny bubble
I smiled to see those colors turning red
holding my breath to keep it alive
I tried moving the dark shadows on it
Pulling apart the plaette of dark colors
I stood confused on the lonely road
My next step would be on you
in which I could see my today and tomorrow
Fly away my soul from my evil aura
Closer you are to me,darker are your days ahead
I want to see you flying away to the zenith of joy
Wish I could hold you on to my heart
but I fear my tear drop might take your life


Anoop said...

I like the last 2 lines...

Abid said...

Awesome stuff!

Actually words fail me. And commenting is not what I am best at.

I guess I know the state in which you wrote this, esp after yesterday :)