April 17, 2009

Luck Hunt

Sometimes we see a pattern in our life.The unpredictable life becomes predictable at times.Like those researchers trying to predict the patterns of stock market,disappointed hearts tend to research on the patterns of events in their life.The words 'Faith' and 'Fate' always confuse me.I was brought up saying fate can be controlled by having a little Faith in almighty.Though I pray everyday,visit temples whenever I get a chance,I sometimes fail to have a little faith.I try hard to convince my heart to embrace the faith.But my head being more rational tends to give me a very pessimistic leap into the life ahead.
I am lucky to have a lot of people who love me so dearly.People who pray for me more than they pray for members in their family.I try to have a faith in their wishes,I can smile anytime of the day or rather proud about having so many people who love me so dearly,But still I always have a fear.I fear about this word which haunts me regularly.'Luck'.I see the resonance in the pattern,rather in 
every body's pattern,some are lucky all the time,some are lucky sometimes and some are never lucky.
Being at the right place at the right time is not something we can work on.Astrologer consultations,wearing your lucky stones,the expensive poojas,tarot cards help them to have a faith,but again does it really help them always?
Hardworking people,brilliant people might not be able to make it to places some ordinary people get it by chance.Its not about me,but about some minority in this world,who deserves much more than what they are now.Prayers,wishes,
hard work,passion, might not help them.All that they need is a little 'Luck'.
If there is a predestined path for all of us,why is this path so partial?.Why 
isn't it balanced with ups and downs.Do anyone of us care to be one among those unfortunate souls who slips down in every step they take, in spite of having a zillion hands to help them stand on their foot again.Do we ever think about their fear in taking a new step knowing they would fall down the next minute?We can just give them a hand,But not a pinch of 'Luck' destined in our share.


sandeep said...

hi hi hi ... i am reminded of the evening 'bhakthi' serials, where all one has to do is pray to god and he/she is sure to overcome any difficulty :) c'mon .... r v thinking that god (if he/she exists) can be bribed??? what will u chose? an important customer meeting (important for ur company) or a visit to guruvayur?

i doubt if there is anything called fate! things happen not because it is pre-scripted by somebody (say god), but because of various things, some in ur control and some not. if things outside ur control fall in place .. thats called 'luck'. things in ur control can be changed only by ur own effort, some very straightforward, some dedicated and focused effort spanning years.

Bhadra Nair said...
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Bhadra Nair said...

:) well I sometimes feel some people dont get what they deserve,so we blame it on 'Luck'.I guess I got a bit emotional writing it ;)
I am not a atheist,but mebbe a agnostic

Anonymous said...

well written.

But I agree with what Sandeep says. Luck may be a factor, but it isn't the only one and not the most important. As I read once in an army camp - 'Luck is when preparation meets opportunity'


Ajith said...

Recommending again ..
Book - 'Fooled by Randomness'
Author- Nassim Nicholas Taleb :-)

ruru said...


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