February 14, 2009

Love Actually!

Oh no!Another mourning day for some unfortunate souls.Facebook status messages are quite rhythmic.Everybody has a 'Valentine' wish decorating the top tab of their profile.But this 'Happy' day is the longest for some people who claim to be the happiest in the world for 'No strings attached'.Interestingly they are the ones who are nosy about the developments around them.Their 'dont care' attitude and sarcastic comments on such celebrations emphasises the fact that they are 'missing' some unknown fun.For those who have the 'Fun' at their own expense silently cribs about the freedom they are missing.Grass is always greener on the other side.Its just an other day for most of us.But the best part of this day is the ironic conflict within us which forces the so called 'Single' people think more and more about this day and try their best to make it an ordinary day!
For a moment I thought it was my Birthday!I have been receiving calls/emails from all my 'single' friends.Its not to wish me but just to tell me.'Valentines Day..Big deal!Who cares..'But then the conversations always ends with a Happy Valentines day and a Sigh!!
I am not a 'don't care' type,I miss those days in college when I used to send prank love letters/chillies to my friends.Those evenings with my 'single' friends cribbing rather bitching about those fortunate souls who are busy taking care of those bouquets and getting ready for the evening fun..
Today I am still the same,the only difference is that I use a public forum to discuss such 'isms and ologies'
Oops Almost forgot to wish you guys!
Happy Valentines Day !!!

Dr Love

PS:For those who havent read this article,Please have a look.A very disturbing 'Love' byproduct


Hari Vishnu said...

lol.. absolutely true.. i saw more of bitching than wishes on V-day :)..

my friends status msg on V-day : "To all those single ones out there on V-day - Happy Independence Day" :)

Zo said...

Hehe.. aint someone bitchy!
Isn't it fun tho to remind urself that u r single while the rest r in the mud trying to string together a few pennies to call/wish/gift their loved ones on v day?
For me, v day is one of those days spent oscillating between sorrow at being alone(very little) and mirth at being alone.. oh man! do i make any sense???!! :P

rakuboy said...

oh yeah.. had so much fun sending all the roses and chillies (mostly) during V-day...
miss those carefree days...

sandeep said...

ur last link was indeed a disturbing piece. hope it doesnt get repeated