July 4, 2012

Power of being a Woman

I  always underestimated my powers.Right from childhood,I just wished hard I was a boy not a girl.I was not very friendly with the male community and I remember having lot of fights with my boy classmates just because I always thought that the entire male community was so arrogant and spiteful.Thanks to my father who left me at the age of 6 in pursuit of independence.
I don't call myself a Feminist,because I never believed in the 'feminine' self of mine,but right from childhood I was curious about the injustice by nature and society on the female community.When I was in 3 grade,I remember asking my History teacher why we always learnt about 'early men' and not about 'early woman' in textbooks.
As I grew up,I began to realize my boundaries,my constraints and my limited physical strength.I used to curse being a woman during the celebration of womanhood and still consider the monthly painful torture to be a very prejudiced selection by Mother Nature.I never enjoyed dressing up,trying to look beautiful rather always had an inferiority complex of being an average looking petite being. But then beauty is not what I could tune into my strength.My versatility in conversation skills,my ability to connect with people made me happy.I enjoyed the people near me.I enjoyed being in company and talk endlessly on anything under sun.Conversations,friendships,sharing life stories,traveling,tasting cuisines and above all trying to start a conversation with any person I meet gave me a lot of Power.A power to understand me,my threshold and above all the versatility I had.I owe most of it to my womanhood,my genes and the so called tiny little things in my brain which now makes me a proud woman.
After a Gap of 20 years I started living with a man under the same roof.Contrary to my imaginations and the advice from experienced hands,the transition from an independent career oriented girl to a home maker was easy.Thanks to my laziness I could easily blend in and start enjoying the fact that I could get to sleep for another 2 hours after my husband leaves for work.
I am someone who hates to sit idle,not even enjoy reading books for a long time.I get suffocated seeing the echoing walls around me from morning till evening laughing at my misery of stuck at home cooking and cleaning,But I should say the womanhood is really powerful,After the initial panic attacks you tend to learn to keep yourself happy.You walk around and find stuff to do,You look at yourself and feel content for nothing at all.You learn to be happy on the success of your partner though you might be really jealous at your unmarried friend who is having a good career.You tend to take the power of the house,make yourself believe you are going to take the lead in this family.You take care of your husband and his family with a belief you are the bond that keeps it strong.When you see your husband addicted to laptop and movies you shout at him for no reason trying to make him realize the sacrifices you did or you are doing adapting to the new environment.You are the one who remembers stuff,co-ordinates things,assures the loved one,welcoming and hosting loved ones with a smile and above all believes that whatever hardships you bear is just those tiny bumps on the long smooth road to happiness and being content.My Best friend left her job to takecare of her baby just because,she doesnt want to miss watching her angel grow up.
Tomorrow I might be having a very busy career,But I am sure the woman in me would balance the homemaker and the career with right blend of confidence and power that I will always be proud of myself.But like the saying I always believed 'Strength is a virtue always admired,never desired' .

NB: For those of my readers who might think I am happy with being a homemaker,You are wrong,I am so desperate to start working :D

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Time Traveller said...

Whenever you wish something deeper in heart the whole world will come to help you.. belive stronger, thrist deeper and it will happen.