August 13, 2009


I logged into write about my North India trip.My Discovery of India,Dicovery of Faith,culture and Life.But somehow I feel I just couldnt bring that broad mindness in my life even after seeing life on a bigger frame.I saw people living in streets,kids doing hard labour to feed themselves once a day.I felt I was in heaven.I have a place to live,clthes to wear and a lot of people to count on.I promised myself not to complain about what I dont have and be thankful to what I have.But I realise its really hard.Its really difficult for a normal person to stop thinking about what we deprive and be thankful.I came back thinking I am a changed person.But I am not.I still cant stop worrying about a lot of things.Uncertainity about my job,my career.I feel I wasted almost a year looking for a job.Still I dont have a solid offer.I wanted my life to be menaingful,make atleast a small change in this big world.But I feel it can be done only once we stabilize ourselves.Making your life solid.People might intepret it as self love.But everybody is not Mother Teresa.For common people like us,its our worries and ambitions that matter to us the most,to ccome out that narrow mindness it takes a lot of courage and faith in ourselves.I wish it was easy for me to realise I am blessed!