March 9, 2009

Before the Rains.

Dancing in the rain that swept the dirt away
you made my foot drown in your tears.
You made me walk away to keep it dry
But I see them crumbling up in the heat this side.
I am smiling seeing you swept away,
gushing fears made me freeze in the heat
sweat and snow making my palette look dirty
I failed to see those colors you left for me.
But I do see them far away,amongst those stars 
which failed to shine for me yesterday.
I do look for you everyday from my end of the zenith,
I see you there when I close my eyes.


sandeep said...

sweet :)

Vinitha Vasanth said...

nicely written .. touches the heart..

abhi said...

its really touching

sho said...

nice one.... i like it..

Anonymous said...

simply beautiful..the previous posts too..a sincere blog i shud say

ruru said...


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tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.